If you wish to donate to help Ukrainians in need, please follow this link:

All proceeds from the donations will go towards helping affected people through organizations in Ukraine.

We are no longer accepting clothing donations. We’ve been told by people in Ukraine that food, hygiene products, and medicine are more needed than clothes right now.

Thank you to everyone who graciously donated clothing, dry food, hygiene products, medicine, and other items. All items donated are being sent to Ukraine through Brook of Hope, an international relief mission based in Cleveland, OH. There, the donations are loaded into a container and shipped by sea through Poland and into Ukraine. They take an estimated 3 weeks to reach Ukraine.

Thanks to all the people of Traverse City who managed to gather together 28 pallets (4x4x8 ft) in clothing, food, medicine, etc. for the people of Ukraine! Also, thank you to the hospitals in Traverse City and also Wisconsin for donating a total of 36 pallets in clothing, food, and medicine! Our sincere thanks to everyone, May God Bless each and every one of you!